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StratInfo is a premier business economics and finance consulting firm founded in 1993 and located in Miami, Florida.  We monitor U.S. and global financial market trends and advice our financial institution and other business clients. We help businesses map feasible and realistic business plans and assist them during the implementation.  As business economists we specialize in financial, economic, and market analysis of the U.S. and Florida, as well as Latin America & the Caribbean to provide our clients with high-quality information that they need to formulate and implement their business strategies.

StratInfo provides a wide array of services to:

bankers, such as asset/liability management, interest rate risk, analysis of economic and business conditions and their potential impact on the quality of their assets, development of plans, and new-bank applications;

multinational executives, such as market analysis and evaluation of investment opportunities;

small and mid-sized businesses, such as business planning and valuations;

exporters/importers, such as analysis of foreign market trends and opportunities, market entry strategies, projections of currency values, and development of risk-hedging strategies;

and professional firms and public sector agencies. StratInfo also maintains a network of experienced and highly regarded professionals from different fields that enable us to deliver the best quality service on complex projects in an efficient manner. StratInfo has been serving the business community for more than 20 years; and has developed long-lasting relationships with its clients.

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